Hog Processing

We now offer vacuum packing.


Pork Cuts



 Hog Processing Options

Hog Jowl:  Sliced, Chunked for beans, or Sausage

Shoulder/Boston Butt: Whole, Sliced (thickness based on personal preference (3/8" - ?) , Roast (size depends on how many packaged for),  Pork Cutletts, or Sausage 

Backbone & Tenderloin OR Pork Chops :
Tenderloin: Butterfly Sliced (3/8") or Boneless Chops, and Backbone
Pork Chops: Sliced for Frying (1/2"), Sliced for Grilling (3/4"), or Country Style Ribs can be cut from the blade end of the chops

Ham:  Whole, Sliced (thickness based on personal preference (3/8" - ?) , Roast (size depends on how many packaged for), Tenderized Pork Cutletts, Pork Shish Kabobs, or Sausage 


Ham Hocks: Chunked for Beans or Sausage

 Sliced, Chunked for Beans, Left on the Ribs, or Sausage

Ribs: Cut in Slabs, Whole, or Sausage

Optional:  Head, Feet, Lard, Lights (Lungs), Liver, and/or Heart

Sausage: No Seasoning, Southern Style Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, or Italian, or your own seasoning mixture

*Note: Extra charges applied for Sausage Patties 



The Process of butchering the pork

After the hog is slaughtered it is hung in the cooler to pull the heat and moisture out of the carcass.  It is monitored until the hog is ready to butcher, usually beef hang from 3 to 7 days.  The pork is then processed according to the customers specifications.  All the cuts are then wrapped in freezer film or vacuum packed.  The trimmings that remain will be deboned and double ground into Sausage.  The sausage is packaged into freezer bags and tape tied.  The bags are completely microwave safe.  The pork is then placed into the freezer.  The pork will remain  in the freezer until it is frozen hard and the customer comes for pickup.


To schedule an appointment call (931) 935-8180

If you are interested in butchering a hog but don't raise them yourself or know anyone who does, give us a call.  We can put you in touch with  farmers who feed hogs for slaughter.